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International Advisory & Finance

         Financial Advisory Services

International Advisory & Finance ("IAF") is a specialist in the Project Finance sector with experience in finance and advisory transactions covering the infrastructure, resources, and power sectors worldwide.

It operates through a network of firms in the U.S.A., England, Canada, South Africa, India, and Australia.

IAF Asia Pacific Power Project Finance Courses PNG Oil Refinery IAF Logo

Project Resume

Project Finance International ranks IAF as the 6th in Asian Financial Advisory mandates for 2008. This places us as 14th in the world among the good company of Soc Gen and Citi, for example. Our heritage is in closing financings, not just advising at the pre-formation stage.

Such financings and advisory assignments (some 76) amount to US$16 billion. In all cases, these roles were as the lead arranger or sole adviser. What the clients receive is the full experience of the IAF network to develop workable solutions which can attract the best combination of funding.

IAF is noted for pioneering new financial structures and cross-fertilising financing practices from one industry sector to another. Its other strength is in the packaging of complex projects (avoided by conventional banks/advisers) and in the optimisation of the financing package to maximise the amount raised either as debt or equity.

IAF’s advice is often sought before the project concept has been finalised. IAF can assist in the selection of the optimum financing route(s) using its background of involvement in over 825 projects to date around the world ( in 37 countries at last count). These advisory skills are many faceted.

IAF can work on any of the following bases:

  • Day-rate for professional services
  • Retainer, usually with minimum hours per month
  • Combination of the above but weighted towards success fee
  • In all cases, IAF’s out-of-pocket expenses and documentation costs are borne by the client.

The usual procedure is to sign a confidentiality agreement and mandate letter, which we can draft, and then to invest some of our time (at no/low cost) to familiarise ourselves with the project, cashflows, structure, and status so that a plan of action and timetable/budget can be developed. 

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